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When John Shaw Neilson Sung

When John Shaw Neilson sung of his 'Country Out There'
He sung of a beauty so old and so rare
The Countryside around Nhill in Summer so brown
The flat and dry paddocks by the old Mallee Town.

When Neilson sung of the light on 'The Orange Tree'
A thing of great beauty the great poet did see
What sort of light he saw only he did know
That inspired him to poetry many decades ago.

When Neilson sung of 'The Native Companions Dancing' brolgas dancing he had seen
And few people nowadays witness such a scene
In the flat and dry Mallee where brolgas once did abound
Nowadays the cranes of Australia not often seen around.

When Neilson sung of 'Granny Sullivan' he was moved to tears
For an old neighbour of his who had lived through rough years
A poor ageing widow to a good man a good wife
Her children living elsewhere near the end of her life.

When John Shaw Neilson wrote poetry great poems he did write
To lovers of poetry his poems give delight
He sung of the beauty he see every day
A gentle soul with words he did have a way.

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