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When Koroit Won The Flag

The fans of the Saints had a good reason for to brag
When their team came to Town with the Premiership Flag
The red, black and white colors of Koroit on every flag post
The joyous Koroit fans of their club's big win were making the most
In the Commercial Hotel and Mickey Bourke's Pub
The fans were drinking toasts to their favorite Football Club
In Koroit Town a night of celebration and beer
The old pubs were full of the laughter of cheer
Warrnambool's best the Saints of Koroit of their glory could not deny
But since Koroit won the flag a few years gone by
The Saints had played their way into Football renown
And the celebrations went on for weeks in Koroit Town
And their loyal fans had every good reason to brag
On the day that Koroit won the Premiership Flag.

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