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When Last I Saw Old Skinny

When last I saw old Skinny he was blind drunk on his feet
At the Crown Hotel in Buninyong and the liquor had him beat
He'd been pub bound all the evening and he'd done a hard old slog
And he felt a little dizzy from a heavy dose of grog.

But he was cheerful as he ever is and he gave my hand a shake
And I stood that man a glass of beer if just for friendship sake
And he downed it in one minute and he upped and went for more
He's a tough old fellow Skinny for a man beyond three score.

Meet him drunk or meet him sober you will find him much the same
And call him Skinny or call him Frankie he'll answer to either name
He has never seen it easy nothing soft for him in life
But he's come out a big winner in his struggle against strife.

How can this man feel so happy it's one thing I'd like to know
Had I met with Frankie's crosses I would always feel quite low
He has met his share of sorrows but with sorrow he can cope
And at the end of every tunnel there's a blessed ray of hope.

Call to the Crown in Buninyong you could meet old Skinny there
He's the fellow with the wrinkled face and thinning silvery hair
And the reason he's called Skinny must be that he does look thin
But he's one hardy fellow and he's one good old 'Skin'

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