RHB ( / Harbor City, CA, USA)

When Life Begins

Dear friends,
Let no tears stain your face,
I'll wake up in a better place.
Where I can eat to my heart's content,
where I never have to pay the rent.
High above the cities grime,
no more to walk the streets of crime.
Random killing and drive-by shoots
tear at my soul, to the roots.
Now high above this ghastly scene,
mourn me not, I am serene.
Think of me when thoughts abound
of being around the corner, just out of town.
We'll all be together in the great bye and bye,
together again in our home in the sky.
Be of good faith, believe in the great beyond,
death cannot part that which love is the bond.
When we are together and are like how we've been,
You'll see what I mean when I say
"this is when life begins."

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