When Life Gives You Lemons

They say when life gives you lemons
Make lemonade
What if u dont have a lemonade maker?

That is my prediciment with you my love
You are my lemon yet a have no lemonade maker
What am i to do with you?

I love you and you love me
yet you have no time for me
what did i do?

by Melody Morningstar

Comments (4)

......You should add sugar
very well said...i enjoyed
Well...when life gives me lemons, I cut them into fourths and do tequila shooters. Then I get real belligerent - and let life have it - right between the eyes.
Well life gave me lemons too Melody. I would have preferred melons but he made up, by giving me a Cracker Jack Arse! lol Sweet work, just get something heavy and press your own lemonade, only needs a little added suger. I am liking your work. Tai