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When Love Came To Call

When love came to call,
It was nothing, but all,
A moment,
Magnificent splendour,
A meeting of minds,
A love,
So divine,
With no choice to be made,
But surrender.

Surrender we did,
Tried to keep it well hid,
But the truth,
Was so patently clear,
Together each day,
How we worked,
How we played,
We were lovers,
Yes, we were a pair.

We sang and we danced,
Oh, how we romanced,
We walked,
Hand in hand,
In the rain,
Our kisses so sweet,
Oh, so fated to meet,
What a feeling,
We must be insane.

When love came to call,
It was nothing at all,
Just a glance,
And then both of us knew,
Something strange,
Had begun,
For we two became one,
Just two halves,
Of one wonderful whole.

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