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When Love Is Done
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

When Love Is Done

Poem By Rachel Fogle

In you I saw everything one can see,
When love comes it shouts it's voice from the heavens & the seas.

Never did I think that it would end,
Never did I think you would not want me again.

When Love Is Done,
It hurts a great deal.
Knowing that two people have gone on and undone what they most wanted to heal.

The long ago hurt that they suffered before,
Bares down there door step,
Reaching for more.

No longer will you feel the gentle hand he could provide,
No longer will he feel the happiness you gave from inside.

When Love Is Done,
It ends as though unseen.
It cares not for it's victims or the hatred some must feel.

Alone each will ponder what they shall do next,
Do they continue on and make the next love there eternal quest?

Or do they sit and linger on a heart that may not heal and try and remember When Love Is Done It's Real.

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