AR (3-2-1945 / California)

When Love Is The Answer

Admit to your deepest desire
Know that your path is lined with fire
Crying will only get you so far
It won’t help you cleanse the scar
Put aside your want for pain
Watch your sorrows flush down the drain
Don’t think of what might have been
History is oozing from your skin
Your innocence is not on trial
It was your stranglehold of denial
That led you to these heartless crimes
Because everybody hurts sometimes
You broke up my silhouette
Played me like marionette
You put me through some days of shame
But I took the blows as they came
It was difficult but I’m still here
To pick you up and lead the cheer
So I propose a toast of truce
And will bury anything close to an excuse
Because when love is real
We play the cards that we deal
We rise up above any sham
And prove that we give a damn
It may be harder than you know
But no way am I letting go
Your are the air of my atmosphere
I will shout it to the heavens so all can hear
Love is the answer once again
It’s the way it’s always been

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TEN plus. This is my rating for this absolutely perfect poem. Thanks for sharing dearest poet Alfred Ramos, for phrase like 'So air of my atmosphere' 'bury anything close to an excuse'. I like the climax, the scenario, the pictures, their colours (black or white) and your shouting (of love) to the heavens so all can hear. Joseph Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Intern.Library of Poetry awarded
shouting for the love dear climbing over the sincere roof top! beautifully expressive, Alfred...good flow good rhyming...10