When Love Turns To Hatred

When love turns to hatred,
Don't listen to your words,
Don't listen to your mind,
Lest your heart cease beating.

For when the light shines
On your shoulder and you fail
To see the light, you will regret
The day you hardened your heart.

by Jez Brul

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your exact choice of words may not be the same as mine, but i think i understand you completely and i applaud your 'advise'. my mate already does not listen to (many of) my words; it helps her to remain sane, though barley. oops, not barley. i meant barely. to MyPoemlist. bri (:
Beautiful sentiments on love and hatred
A wonderful poem, Jez. The second stanza is very moving. A very inspiring write.10+++++
most of the times we regret!
This poem I find inspirational in its sensitivity.
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