When Mommy's Sick (Children)

Mommy's sick in bed today.
Doctor says she has the flu.
Sissy's got a stuffy nose
and she might get it, too.

When Mommy's sick it makes us sad
she doesn't feel so good.
She's having juice and medicine
like the doctor said she should.

It's not the same when Mommy's sick,
our hugs are all sick, too,
and kisses for our boo-boo's
also have the flu.

Our sads are even sadder
so our happy's aren't as glad
and when we're being naughty,
that even feels more bad.

Let's get her better, Sissy!
Get some more juice in her
'cause I remember something else,
ewwww... Daddy's cooking dinner...

by C.J. Heck

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