ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

When My Body Arrives At The Shore

When the time comes.
And my body washes up on the shore.
Be it not a shock to you please.
I didn't want tohurt you.

When my bloated body arrives at deaths shore.
Washed up and battered I'm dead on the shore.
And have arrived at deaths door.

Yes I was scared kind of.
But I knew it would over and done.
I knew it wouldn't be long to die.

Here lays my body at deaths shore.
I am dead of that you can be sure.
I am sorry of that you are to be sure.
I loved you that's for sure.

I could'nt stay with pains shore.
So Here I am at deaths shore.
I couldn't go on like this.

Here I lay washed up on the shore.
Iam now in deaths door

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