When My Cat Came For Tea- Fun

I was relaxing at home with a cup of tea
When up jumped Zoe on my knee
A little grey tabby just like a child
She is quite placid but never wild.
With a sudden jolt she got a shock
and away went the tea all over my frock
The poor cat scarpered and to my suprise
My feline friend had tears in her eyes
'Oh do not worry Zoe, low and behold,
the cup was full but the tea was cold! '

by Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Comments (5)

You have major tallent, some of your poems are hilarious, (I hope I spellt that properly,)
ha ha, what a cute poem...i like it
Hehehe typical of cats, rminded me of my cat-tasi. nice poem.
i like it, tell your cat to stay down, until after you drink yuor hot tea.(LOL) .
Lisa, Zowie sounds like a splendid cat... good write! ! Brian