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When My Dad Asked...
PA Prankul Agarwal ( / )

When My Dad Asked...

When my dad asked...

We were walking,
walking down the road.
Long lasted the silence,
silence was piercing.
Something was same,
same remained though little.
He wanted to ask,
ask about me.
HE was concerned,
concerned looked his eyes.
I've been away,
away for a while.
Time has come,
come to answer something.
I didn't want to,
to me he asked no more.
We kept walking slowly,
slowly reaching home.
I remember those paths,
paths belonged to me.
HE looked at me,
me looked into his.
He said,
said 'Are u tired...'
I kept looking,
looking into his eyes.
Mine gone wet,
wet gone his.
HE held me tightly,
tightly did i.
I said sorry,
'sorry for what' he said.
He hugged me
me kept weeping.
We reached home,
home was lonely.
Just few days
days wil go soon.
I have to go,
go to place i belong.
Meanwhile we were together,
together we had dinner.
But i dont want to think about,
about the pains of separation.
We talked almost till midnight,
night was charming.
I could see the moon,
moom from my window.
I went to my room,
room that had my memories.
It was calling,
calling to plunge back into the depth of time.
Little were me,
me walked on his legs.
Little were my eyes,
eyes looked from his.
We slept,
slept with peace,
peace of having something back,
back was the time we loved.

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