When My Emptiness Capture My Loneliness

Death comes in the most dramatic sense
of loyalty to the grave, giving
chance the change to overcome on the next level
of reality, a willed dream of chaos venture the
point of insanity

thou shall loudest laugh echo in the grave,
as the tears flown like honey to
those wish your death, knowingly they
pray your soul to rest in a few
second of your eyes that

oh! silent in my coffin, trusted me not in
your skin, touch me not of your sting
for running to go back home
is gone like wind, wanting to settle but
nothing than to lay down
in the soil of rest

breathe my little darling leave what makes
a man perfect and rich even, lost each moment
with the sun, the day break has rise
in a distance,
but my hand still capture the treasure in the
Lord, I am gone...

by Antonio Liao

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