When My Father Calls For Me

Poem By Patsy K. Mathis

When my Father calls for me as I know He will someday,
I hope that I can go with grace,
To his home so far away;
He knows that I have many faults,
But He loves me just the same;
He never makes me feel ashamed,
Or frown when He calls my name;
Forever is He by my side and aids me in all that I do,
And when I sometimes make mistakes,
he helps me muddle through;
He entrusted me with children,
To raise as I saw fit;
Never did He condemn me not even a little bit;
And though it was sometimes a chore,
To help them grow up right,
He stayed beside me all the way,
Both brightest day and darkest night;
So when that final time arrives,
For bravery I pray;
When my Father calls for me as I know He will someday

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