When Night Falls I See You

I have never seen you before.
Or have I?
Are you the same person
Under the deceitful sun?
Whose blaze blinds commoners’ eyes
Whose envy forces you to wear a mask
Rust and iron; they ruthlessly dye
Your beauty do they hide

Such a fool am I!
For five years
I have lived in you and ignorance
Not until this day
Do I stop. And catch
A glimpse of your face:
Love at first sight it is!
The east the taste of the busy world
The west singing the song of countryside
Blended in the perfection of difference
With not a sound of dissonance

by April Fung

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Comments (2)

April, a wonderfully harmonious ending... it sounds like the best of both worlds! Brian
good good i give you a ten.True from my heart