When Not A Day Goes By

When not a day goes by,
That you don't stop and cry,
When you have lost a major part,
The pain runs deep into your heart.

As time goes by,
And your eyes slowly dry,
You still think of what could have been,
But you start to feel ok again.

The ones you lose will help you through,
Because they feel the pain from losing you too,
They will wrap you in their angel wings,
And try to take away what stings.

Even though you won't see them for years,
They will silently wipe away your tears,
You will always get a helpful kiss,
In hopes of giving you happiness.

The ones we lose watch over us,
Knowing they are is always a plus,
Sister, son, uncle or friend,
The list of loved ones lost will have no end.

When we lose someone we love so much,
We always need that helpful crutch,
So open your heart to those here for you,
Because a lot of us have been there too.

But have peace in knowing,
That happy thoughts our way they are throwing,
The people we love leave so fast,
But just smile at the memories of the past.

Just remember,
'Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again'

by angel menzies

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Sad the last stanza helps brighten it up.Thanks for sharing