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When One Grows Old......
HB (11 April 1927 - 8 February 2004 / Durham, United Kingdom)

When One Grows Old......

When one grows old, and life is speeding past
Year follows year, each quicker than the last
When there's nothing new to look for
And the past is all that's left

Don't leave me lonely

If I must weep, then let my tears ease pain
And if my heart breaks, then comfort me again
Give me your strength
That I may walk erect

Don't leave me lonely

But if you go, and I am left awhile
Then go in peace, just leave me with your smile
And till we meet
I'll have my memories

I won't be lonely

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I know what old is about, and this sums it up wonderfully well. I have tears in my eyes at this moment. A tragedy that she only wrote so few poems. When I compare my scribbles to her poems I feel inadequate. Brian.
How strangely sweet for me, though old and dry, That from the grave you mum can make me cry