Obedience To

Obedience to rule

I may not think big
I may not be able to sing
Song of high spirit for nation
Or for international relation

But I can do
Prove true as citizen through
Obedience to rule of law
And good behavior to show towards other brethren

I may be poor
But shall open door
For all those who seek advise
And want to rise

I may not have enough of fund
But shall refund
In corrective path to be followed
Each one has to be allowed

As freedom is dear
And you want to bear
The golden eagle on your chest
Let all people be allowed to perform best

Let workers work for more production
The farmer for more food induction
The employees for services to the poor
And the leaders to protect boundaries

If such things happen
We shall definitely turn
The poverty into prosperity
With simple efforts to the gain of country

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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A nice poem, very inspirational, will cause its readers to think! Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!