When One Leaves Love

When one leaves love,
Left behind to take it for granted...
What expectations should be kept,
That a love left behind...
One stepped away to neglect,
Would stay kept to keep...
By another holding onto it,
Where it was left.
As if no tears were wept to weep.

Foolish is a mind to leave love behind,
With a seeking to chase it somewhere else.
And then to find when one awakens,
With it realized and with eyes open wide...
Love to chase is such a waste.
When love had been obvious and in one's face.
To believe an abundance given,
Can be sought somewhere else to be replaced.
After pushing it away to expect a better taste.

'What did you say?
You love me?
But you didn't know how much at the time?
And you expect to find,
More of my time from me to you to give? '

Let's not be negative.
I am here to acknowledge,
The love we once shared was positive.~

Let's not be negative.
Let's be positive about it.
Let's be positive about what had been deposited.

I positively feel you're not real enough for me.
That interest is gone.
I positively feel I have healed from your stupidity.
That interest has gone to no longer prolong.

So positively return to wherever you have been,
To leave me with a love I knew...
With all benefits and dividends,
You took away to have me see clearly...
What a fool I've been for you to prove.
But effectively and with positivity,
Any love for you has gone and I'm through.'

~But I am here to acknowledge I made a mistake.~

'You didn't have to come to me to acknowledge it.
You could have stayed where you were,
With the both of us knowing it.
And I'm not here for revisits.
Or to sit and reminisce.
I've discovered I am not qualified,
To pursue a proving of it either.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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