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When Opposites Attract
SW (10/10/1983 / Australia)

When Opposites Attract

Does he love her

Does he not? ? ?

He puts my mind a knot

His actions just confuse her

But his words just give her bliss

And she urges to give him a tender kiss

She give him gifts

She give him love

And her heart flutters like a white dove

Yet she receive no gifts

Nothing comes from the heart

Yet she yearns for him to set his mark

The mark of love

That define her life for all time

She just wants him 2 say, 'will u 4eva be mine'

Now she wonders

Do i love him... do i not

Shes sending her mind a knot

She will never give up

No matter how deep the pain roots

All she wants is to be Mrs Dupes

***Written for Laura***

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Comments (3)

This is a good poem I give my thanks to u for writing this
Well written. Liked it a lot. Thanks.
Thats it.. when opposites attract? Yes by principle it do, in this poem i think its the opposite! Nevertheles, its a good poem. a 9.