JE (08.05.1990 / )

When Panic Comes To Conquer Me

I'm sick to the stomach
and shakin´ to the core
Tryin´ to calm down a bit
makes me feel worse than before

My eyes are shut
my hands are fisted
I'm trapped in someone
so warped and twisted

My thoughts are circling
around a world that just ain't fair
My body feels strange
like I'm not really there

My pulse rate is racing
feels like my heart's gonna burst
But still the more I'm strugglin´
the more it's gettin´ worse

Panic's come to conquer me
and I got nowhere to hide
Once I give myself in to it
it's gonna stay by my side

But what's the point in fighting it
when I know I'm bound to lose?
I'm just not in the position
to do what I choose

And so my thoughts keep circlin´
so fast it'd make any head spin
I'm just sick of the feeling
that hope has failed again

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When you let panic to conquer your'd be happy that your still alive to mend your life.Nice writes Jools.
really good poem. its really nice way having putting something. it makes you think about the hidden meaning. good poem well done