(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Paybacks Come To Eventually Visit

Punishments conceived,
With thoughtless deeds needlessly done...
Does not accentuate the positive,
For anyone involved with this kind of mischief.
Planted in one's mind,
To slowly dissolve for one's sport and fun.

A pleasure derived,
From this when inflicted...
Returns uncomfortable reactions,
To the ones hosting...
This brand of deceitful wickedness.

And multiplies dissatisfactions...
When paybacks come to eventually visit.
Ensuring emotional and physical receptions observed,
By those deserving doers...
Of this kind of urge upon them purged.

Becoming weakened without remedy...
With empathy for them absent.
And sympathy hidden submerged.
Unsettling and deep this is as it shall be.
To disturb and break those shakened nerves.

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i hate deceit true eventually they get theirs