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When Photo's Speak
TTO ( / Washington State)

When Photo's Speak

Poem By Theodora (Theo) Onken

From well lit attics
...To football fields on the hill of the Christian U
There are so many explanatory photo's displayed
.....They often tell us so much about you.

They speak of where you really came from
...And it speaks of whether you're fairly new
It always speaks of who you are acquainted with
.....And, yes, it speaks of what you maybe Really up to.

Pictures, names & connections - they all add up
...Especially your friends at the Church of the Rock today
From an attic - to a football field with Goal and all
.....Tell us everything you might never say.

Yes, ones character IS a teller
...You can try to cover up the Real you
But so many things in this ether - exposes
.....Giving a view-of you-and what you're really up to.

Theodora Onken


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