When Silence Speaks

Listen to the silence
for long enough
and it'll soon begin
telling you things

Listen to the wind blow
softly into the cavities of your ears
whispering its secrets for just you to know
it could bring joy or bring you to tears, but..

Listen to the clocks ticking
singing a warning constant and true
you may pause to listen
but time does not

Listen as I ponder now
does living require most action or reflection?
I believe they are in an ever spinning yin yang
so live, act, take part in life to the fullest
but also take time to

Listen and reflect
when silence speaks

by Nika McGuin

Comments (4)

This is really good. Take some time out to listen to the silence. Great things can happen in the silent mode. Very inspiring Nika.
In the silence you hear the wind blowing, the clocks ticking, yourself feeling and reflecting on all of the above as I have on this piece. It goes along with the saying there is a time for everything done under the sun and moon. A time to speak and a time to be silent. It's in this healthy balance of the two that you find that inner peace within the universal equilibrium of life. It's in this silence that you can observe the chaos and make sense of it all a little at a time. I dig it Nika when you write you're on fire not let those flames burn for all the world to see.
I like the intimacy of this poem. The speaker has something important to say, but she doesn't rush into it. She lets us discover moments when silence prevails so by the time she makes her statement - TAKE TIME TO LISTEN AND REFLECT etc. - we are already persuaded. I find the second stanza especially appealing because it alerts me to a subtle experience that is so quiet I might easily miss it. The theme of REFLECTION + or versus or = ACTION Iis a BIG theme (that's what Hamlet wrestles with in TO BE OR NOT TO BE!) , you drop a hint, plant a seed, open the topic and then let us follow our own inclination.
Listen and reflect when silence speaks Speech of silence is one's own echo of conscience and must be carefully listened to. A nice poem.....10