When Someone You Love Change

Never going to love someone soo deeply again,
It hurts soo bad,
Its feels soo good when they're soo nice to you,
You feel as if they love you,
You see them in such a positive way,
That even when they hurts you,
You still sees them in a good way,
But then one day,
He change,
He didnt smile,
He didnt laugh at my stupid joke,
Everything turn from pink to black,
Oh please help,
It hurts soo bad,
I swear I'll try my best never to love someone soo bad,
Soo deep,
My feelings are soo strong,
And true,
It feel like 'Love',
But then I realise it just those stupid moment of a typical teenager,
Stupid Love,
I wish I'll never fall in love with someone,
Ever... Again...,
Because it hurts soo bad when someone you love broken your heart and love your friend instead...
Im losing two person at one time,
Its too much to handle,
I will never love someone soo easily again.

by Anoymous Girl

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