(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Something Begins To Stink

There is nothing more difficult to change,
Than a baby's diaper!
Those who have gone down and dirty
To knock out smells...
Not the kind to be found at Macy's.
They know...
Those who have taken low blows.
Knowing they know...
Nothing takes more love!

If those missions taken,
Are done so...
Without passing out from a shot of oxygen...
Clarol subscription overdoses,
And an intentional game
Of Hide n' Go Seek...
That began shortly after birth,
With an occasional lapse of amnesia!

If those missions taken,
Are taken at the risk of sanity...
There is nothing on this Earth,
That can not be turned around and changed!

You may get pissed on...
During these journeys, .
Or you may just get pissed!
But one thing is obvious and certain...
You can not resist what it is that is wished!
If a BABY can make you do this,
There is not any excuse for not making a fuss...
When something begins to stink...
Or puss...or be exposed from riddled guts!
Like a quality of life that is dieing!

If a baby can make you do this...
And over the years you have become immuned?
No wonder there are so many whiners,
Caring on the way they do...to disco tunes,
And bad fashion!

Either someone wasn't there,
Quick enough to notice the change...
Or the change itself never came!

But something left alone has grown upon us!

Those responsible for raising these 'kids', '
Believed taking shit was love!

And pretended too long they didn't notice it!
And this became a habit, '
That got them hooked...
Right there in their homes!

Defending their own routines,
Of wiping up and pampering...
And becoming addicted by their habits,
Of cleaning up nasty asses on their own,
And moaning about it!

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