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When Supermarkets Ruled The World
NS (05/06/1983 / Warrington)

When Supermarkets Ruled The World

When battery farm was spawned
And grazing cow was tethered in the stall,
When swine fever saw the lawn out front,
Supermarket built up the wall.

When morals battle with money;
The outcome we all know,
When economy is easy to harvest
Supermarket stoops down low.

When monocultures rule the landscape
The landscape rules the man,
But when a man has got hungry mouths to feed
He’s gonna do what he can.

When Tesco says what it wants,
Farmer knows what to grow,
When farmer throws a word in
Supermarket stoops down low.

When hedges have since departed
And Green is replaced by Black,
When supermarket gives the orders
Farmer knows there’s no way back.

When farmer runs low on finance
And dinner rolls have been unfurled,
When farmer goes down dying
Supermarkets rule the world.

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