(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When That Bar Is Raised

A day eventually comes,
When that bar is raised.
And those maintaining low expectations,
Are suddenly shock by attempts that are made.
To then have it witnessed someone who defies,
The height of the bar as if over it to glide!
To have those who claim they have done it to try,
Relying on a lack of initiative!
Or applied motivation excused and denied.

And they are the ones offended,
When that bar is raised.
They are the ones too accepting,
Of a mediocrity that stays.
And they are the ones with a faked faith that remains,
To go untested, unchanged...
But yet,
Profess it is success...
They wish more than anything else to get.

'If you really want success,
You must take those necessary steps.'

~To then do 'what'? Embarrass myself? ~

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