(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When That Door Closes

Were you upset,
By those who took you and your efforts for granted...
In the past?

And I have taken measures,
To ensure that 'never' happens again.'

'Never' is a strong and sometimes changing word.
Perhaps you mean you 'hope' this to you,
Will not happen again.

'I've identified my attachment to those who 'try'.
And those who 'try' are proned to make excuses,
Induced by alibis!

I no longer empathize with procrastinators,
Who abuse my empathy.
And do what they wish to do later.
As if it's okay to do that to me!

I recognized who they are.
And that's all it takes...
For me not to experience another heartache.'

You speak of this as if it is the ending of a relationship.

'It is!
When the passion leaves...
Why wish for it to return and be repeated?

When it is clear it has gone,
And there is no coming back?
Never can those feelings be restored as they were.
Like an exit through an opened door,
When one closes it little emotion is attached.
With a forward movement that takes place.

Not to close it to knock on it again!
What sense does that make? '

You might have left something inside?

'You mean like a pride one denies?
Not here.
When that door closes...
It is as if it had not existed.'

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