When That Trumpet Sounds

Most people around today can’t see the darkness through the gloom,
But this very darkness is one sign that The Lord is coming back soon.

Paul spoke of a time when this very evil would get worse and worse,
But, before God judges this evil, Christ will remove His Church first.

For the wrath of God has been revealed against all this Godlessness,
A Day of Judgment against all who suppress the Truth by wickedness.

But Christ gave many promises to all, who believe and walk His path,
One of those is that The Church has not been saved to suffer wrath.

For Christ gave Himself for all men to redeem us from all wickedness,
His Grace has appeared to all and helps us say No to all Godlessness.

As man, apart from Christ, is destined to face Judgment for his sin,
Christ will come again with Salvation for all those waiting for Him.

Paul spoke of a day, that when it comes, for many will be a mystery,
A day when The Lord Himself will change our mortal into immortality.

When in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, The Last Trumpet sounds,
We in The Church who are still alive will be caught up in the clouds.

After The Church is caught up together to be forever with The Lord,
God’s Righteous Judgment, for those who remain, will be at the door,

As the darkness around us gets darker there’s really no need to fear,
For as a Child of God, when that Trumpet sounds we’ll be otta here.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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