When The Angels Came For Me

Sometime last night while sleeping
Out loud your name I cried,
Because while lying next to you
Last night sometime I died.

My spirited lifted up from me
Above that bed of ours,
I floated high above you
And watched you sleep for hours.

I felt the tears that fell
As they washed over my face,
For I longed to be held tightly
In your warm loving embrace.

I didn't want to leave you here
To face your life alone,
For ours has been the greatest love
This world has ever known.

I knew how sad that you would be
When you woke and found I'd died,
I wanted so to be there
While you held me close and cried.

And then I felt this light on me
And I knew my time was near,
For the angels to come and carry me
And take me far from here.

I whispered into the night
A tiny prayer for you,
For you to be strong for me
And hold my love close to you.

At that time I felt the angels
Lift me high into the night,
I watched you sleeping peacefully
As I flew into that light.

Until there before me stood our God
Who spoke His words to me,
He told me not to worry much
For He'd watch over you lovingly.

And that one day it would be your time
To come home here to me,
And when that time came about
We would share eternity.

So please my love when you wake
And find my lifeless form,
Please don't cry unduly
For my love will keep you warm.

by Kristi Day

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