(006) Let Us Picnic Together In Strawberry Fields

Let us picnic together in Strawberry Fields
my delightful, melodious girl;
let us sit in the shade
sipping pink lemonade
as awakening blossoms unfurl.

We can twitter a tune by The Beatles, my love,
if we lounge for a time in the park;
I will sing 'Love Me Do'
then grin widely as you
pipe 'A Day In The Life' on a lark.

If we harmonize well, a Fab-Fourian spell
might enrapture the city, my sweet -
then each cabbie and cop
in Manhattan will hop
to a hip, Beatlemanian-Beat.

Should the spirit of Lennon appear to us, dear,
with George Harrison close to his side,
I will beam as you cling
to my arm when they sing
a rendition of 'Ticket To Ride'.

When we venture at sunset
from Strawberry Fields
and meander down Central Park West,
I will nod when you say: “Other bands are okay -
but The Beatles were surely the best.”

by Leeanndra O'Lear

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..........wonderful cosmic poetry and l love the theme ★