When The Celts Came To Toronto

Down to the Skydome
In the heart of Toronto
The Toronto Tims, they made their way,
From the tunes of Mad Paddy
We boarded our bus
Down to face Roma and Totti.

The Bhoys on the bus
Sang loud, every old verse
With songs of Celtic & Ireland,
And Toronto stood by
Hearing our Irish battlecrys
And witnessed a Celtic invasion.

Paddy Meechan stood holding
His flag from Seville
From Calgary, Jim McWilliams made the trip,
My sister brought my nephew
To see Celtic for the first time
And he wore with pride his new Celtic strip.

The sun it shone bright
On our hoops of green & white
As the faithful sang as they walked along Front Street,
Into the Lone Star we stumbled
And drank a few Molson bottles
Were a few Roma fans we did meet.

Onto a specially laid pitch
With Coors Light on their strip
The Celts were welcomed by the faithful,
A crowd of 50,000 strong
Sang familiar Celtic songs,
Like a chorus with voices of angels.

A memorable game
It was not meant to be
As Roma won on a goal scored by Totti,
But the Canadian Tims
Applauded the bhoys in green
As we headed back to Scarborough for a bevvy.

So Toronto had witnessed
The famous Glasgow Celtic
And the exiles proudly wearing their green,
And we woke up on Sunday
Our heads still in a daze
Wrapped in the colours of God’s favourite team.

August’10th 2004

by Daniel McDonagh

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