When The Children Were Young

When the children were young
And we were so busy in life
We knew life had meaning
Because caring for them
Meant more and more deeply
Than anything else could

We did not have to question
Life's meaning
We did not have to question
Whether there is happiness in the world

When the children were young
We knew in love and caring for them
How necessary it was
For us to be.

by Shalom Freedman

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Shalom, such a well penned poem👍👍👍
Certainly, This is the bounden duty of parents. Children won't come of their own. Its the choice of parents. Once a child sees the light of he world, parents cant afford to leave at that. Divine responsibility of parents is to see that the children are cared for, until they in turn become effective parents. Thank you for sharing the thought provoking poem. , until they inturm become effective parents.