Bill 'Awkins

"'As anybody seen Bill 'Awkins?"
"Now 'ow in the devil would I know?"
"'E's taken my girl out walkin',
An' I've got to tell 'im so --
Gawd -- bless -- 'im!
I've got to tell 'im so."

"D'yer know what 'e's like, Bill 'Awkins?"
"Now what in the devil would I care?"
"'E's the livin', breathin' image of an organ-grinder's monkey,
With a pound of grease in 'is 'air --
Gawd -- bless -- 'im!
An' a pound o' grease in 'is 'air."

"An' s'pose you met Bill 'Awkins,
Now what in the devil 'ud ye do?"
"I'd open 'is cheek to 'is chin-strap buckle,
An' bung up 'is both eyes, too --
Gawd -- bless -- 'im!
An' bung up 'is both eyes, too!"

"Look 'ere, where 'e comes, Bill 'Awkins!
Now what in the devil will you say?"
"It isn't fit an' proper to be fightin' on a Sunday,
So I'll pass 'im the time o' day --
Gawd -- bless -- 'im!
I'll pass 'im the time o' day!"

by Rudyard Kipling

Comments (5)

There comes a moment when there is little choice but to shuffle the deck. Great write, Ernestine (no bluffing) ! ! Brian
And here's the score...10. A moment that had to happen, inevitable maybe.Sometimes when the trust is gone a star forgets how brightly it's shone.Love Duncan
E., this is fablous! ! Unless you have been there, it is hard to know the courage that it took to tell him, 'Hit the Road, Jack - And Don't You Come Back No More! ' Fact or fiction, this is great! Scarlett
A very nice way to give him the kick he needs! Great one! Best regards Purple Rose
You let 'm have it Ernestine! I hope this is purely fictional! It reminds me of my ''For you my friend'' poem. I loved this! Sincerely, Mary