When The Clouds Part

On the day the clouds will part, God will signal each waiting heart,
With that long awaited blast, we enter eternity and forget the past.
When we hear the trumpet sound, we in Christ will upward bound,
To meet our Lord in those clouds, with the many Heavenly crowds.

We aren’t waiting for God’s Wrath, for we selected a different path,
Believing in Christ’s Revelation, we are waiting for God’s Salvation,
In God’s Hope revealed to those, who truly believe that Christ rose,
And that He’s coming back again, taking with Him all believing Men.

God’s Wrath will not be poured, on men who trust in Christ as Lord,
They shall all be delivered friend, from the wrath poured on the end.
For the One who helps us endure, shall save us from wrath for sure,
When He comes to take His Church, from this dark and fallen earth.

The Holy Spirit who lives inside, is restraining Satan’s evil dark tide,
Satan is the one the wrath is for, when God’s Wrath begins to pour.
As the Restrainer’s lifted that day, we shall be taken out of the way,
This to be totally safe and secure, in the presence of Christ for sure.

God’s Judgment we don’t anticipate, as for Christ we patiently wait,
For it is Christ’s word that we trust, as Christ said He’d return for us.
So it’s with much anticipation, we wait for God’s returning Salvation,
Who has prepared a special place, secured forever by God’s Grace.

(Copyright ©05/2006)

by Bob Gotti

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Said so whole heartedly and true. Isn't salvation divine? To ascend in Christ love! It's nice to know that more as yourself are believing and knowing. GOD Bless! Delilah