Uncle Styopa Part1 By S. Mickhalkov

1. Uncle Styopa

There is lived the high citizen,
Nicknamed the Kalancha,
In the eight fraction one home
At the Ilyich zastava

The main giant is
From the raion giants
By the surname Stepanov
And by the name Stepan.

All respected uncle Styopa
For the such height.
Uncle Stepa go home from work -
It was visible for a mile.

Famously the two big feet
Measured a steps:
He bought the boots
Of the forty-fifth size.

He was looking in the market
The bigest shoes,
He was looking for the pants
Of the unprecedented width.

He buy with the grief in half,
Turn to the mirror -
All sewing work
Depart at the seams!

He looked through any fence
From the cobbles into the yard.
The barking a dogs were raised:
Thought that the thief climbs.

Uncle Styopa took in the dining room
The double lunch for myself.
Uncle Styopa lay to the bed -
The feet were placed on the stool.

He sitting take a books from the bookcase.
And said him in the movie theater:
- Sit on the floor,
To you, comrade, is anyway!

But he enter free pay
On a stadium:
Pass uncle Styopa -
Thought he is champion.

All people knew in the raion
From the gate and to the gate,
So somewhere Stepanov work,
So somewhere he is prescribed,
So somehow he lives,

Because faster of all
He got the snake of the boys
From the telegraph wires
Without a special deals.

And that is small growth,
He pick up on the parade,
Because we all need
To see the army of the country.

All loved uncle Styopa,
Respected uncle Styopa:
He was the best friend of
All boys from all courts.

He hurry home from the Arbat.
- How do you live? - screaming kids.
He will sneeze — a boys do choir:
'Uncle Styopa, be healthy!

Quickly uncle Styopa jumped up
From the sofa early in the morning,
Wide opened the window,
Took the cold shower.
Uncle Styopa never forgot
Brushing the teeth.

The man sits in the saddle,
The feet dragging on the ground -
This uncle Styopa move
Along the boulevard on the donkey.
'You, ' people shouted to Stepan-
Need to ride on a camel!

He ride on the camel-
A people choke the laughter:
'Hey, comrade, where are you from?
You crush the camel!
You, with your height,
Need to go on an elephant!

Uncle Styopa two minutes
Remains before the jump.
He stands under a parachute
And slightly worried.
And a people laughing at the bottom:
The derrick from the derrick wants to jump!

In the tyr, under a low canopy,
Uncle Styopa barely suppose.
- May I addres to you
I pay for the shots.
I want to aim
In this ball and this bird!

Looking the tyr anxiously,
The cashier says to response:
- You will stood on the knees,
Dear friend, to get up -
You can to get a targets
On the arm no guns!

Until the morning in the park
It will be fun and bright,
There to drum the music will be,
Will be to noise the public.

Uncle Styopa asks the cashier:
'I have come to the carnival.
Give me that mask,
To no one knew me!

Recogne you pretty simple-
Get the friend laughing, -
We know you for the growth:
You are, comrade, above all!

What is happened?
What is the cry?
It is the sinking pupil!
He fell off a cliff into the river -
Help to the man!
Uncle Styopa enter into the water
On a view of all people.

- It's unique! -
All screaming to him from the bridge.-
You have, comrade, on the knee
All deep places!

Alive, healthy and unharmed
Boy Vasya Borodin.

Uncle Styopa saved in this time
The drowning man.

All thank him
For the noble deed.
-Say to uncle Styopa
Ask any need thing.

- I have need nothing -
I save him a grace out!

The locomotive flies, buzzing,
The driver looks forward.
The operator says at the station
To the fireman:

I did the races a lot of
From a station to a station,
But ready to go on the betting -
This is a new semaphore.

Coming up to the semaphore.
What is the deception?
No a semaphore -
Stepan stay at the way.

He stands and says:
Here the rains blurred the way.
Deliberately I hold up the arm -
To show that the way is closed.

What is the smoke over the head?
What is the thunder on the cobbles?
The home burns for the corner,
A hundred onlookers standing around.
The team sets the ladder,
Rescues the home on the fire.
The entire attic is yet in the fire,
The doves knock in the window.

The crowd of a boys on the yard
Said uncle Styopa:
- Really our doves will burn
Together with the home?

Uncle Styopa get up
To the attic from the sidewalk.
His arm tend
Through the fire and the smoke of the fire.

He open the window.
The eighteen pigeons fly
From the window,
The sparrow followed for its.

All are grateful to Stepan:
He saved birds, and because
Become immediately the firefighters
All advise him.

But Stepanov says
To the firefighters in response: ' No!
I'm in the Navy to serve will go,
If the growth will adjust.

The laughing and whispering are in the hallway,
The words buzz in the hallway.
In the office - uncle Styopa
On the revew of the doctors.

He standing. To he bow down
The sister asks politely.
'We can't get on!
The doctor explain.-

Everything from a vision to a hearing,
We explore you:
So the ear hears well,
So the eyes sees a far side.

Revewed uncle Styopa,
Held on the scales
And said: 'The heart in this body
Is beating like a clock!
The growth is high, but nothing
Take him in the army!

But you're in the tank no able:
You are out a place in a tank!
And no able in the infantry:
You are visible for the trench!

Uncomfortable to be in a flight
With your height in a plane:
The foots will be tired -
Nowhere to you put its!

For such people as you,
There are no a horses,
And the Navy you need -
Serve for the country!

'I'm ready to serve a people, -
Stepa bass dealt, -
I'll go in a fire and a water!
Send right now!

Just the winter and summer passed.
And the winter came again.
'Uncle Stepa, how are you? Where are you?
No answer from the sea us,
No cards, no letters...

And once the sitizen
Of the uncle Styopa growth
Is moving past the bridge
To the eight fraction one home.

Who, friends, have meeting
With this outstanding sailor?
He goes,
The snowflakes creak
Under his heel.

The pleated uniform pants,
He's in the coat under the belt.
The arms are in woolen gloves,
The anchors shine on it.

Here the sailor coming up to the home,
All boys have not meeting.
And then the boys say him:
-You are to whom?

Uncle Styopa turned
Move up his arm to the visor
And replied, ' I am returned.
Gave the furlough to the sailor.

The night he did not sleep. Tired from the road.
The feet are not habit to the land.
I rest. I met the uniform.
I sits on the couch,
Come in after the tea -
A hundred stories I tell!

About the war and about the bombing,
About the big battleship 'Marat',
I was wounded slightly about,
Defending the Leningrad.

And now the boys are proud
The pioneers, the october children's, -
That meet with uncle Styopa,
With this sailor.

He comes home from Arbat.
- How do I live? - the kids screaming.
And now the boys call
Uncle Stepa by the lighthouse.

by Yuri Starostin

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