ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

When The Day's Just Beginning, I Pray For My End

When the morning dawns.
I wake in haste.
I'm praying real hard for my end.
Life's experiences have driven me around the bend.
With out an ounce of dignity left to spend.

As the new days dawns.
I hope no one mourns.
I want my life to end.
It has twisted me around the bend.

As my days go on.
My pain does not end.
Fear not I have a plan.
I shall take my life tonight.

As the new days dawns.
My life is dying out.
I did the act of suicide.
I'm almost gone.

When this new day looms.
I am dead and cold.
When your new day looms.
Do not grive, do not mourn.

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