KM (12/26/91 / no say.)

When The Devils Candy Isnt So Sweet

i was the one so far away,
when the snake bit enter your vein.
releasing your demends once more,
and thinking they wouldnt take you
back down with the sickness
thinking its all an illusion,
is only hope of a new day.
cant close my eyes for your pain is what i see,
and every sound becomes your laugh.
you were releaf in this hell...
i cant hold it all in,
stuck in the state of mind that
there is only a memory of you that remains.
breaking your own vows,
thinking you wouldnt go down in flames?
i cant help lthis longing...
comfort me?
show me the path that which we wanted to take.
even though i wasnt able to catch you when you fell...
at the end of ages,
will you be there waiting to catch my fall?

by kayla mcmillin

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nice works with deep meaning..........