EIF (29.08.1985 / Australia)

Another Kind Of Snow

you in your gipsy skirts
your white jade smile
will pause for awhile-

taking your cerise turn onstage
cast in a children's play and colourfast,
folkloric with ruffles.

the cherry stone riddle queried
you do not know nor can you see
of all snows, being the first

riddle this also may be,
by the last chorus,
the last riddle answered.

later at home,
the eggs on the griddle perfect
breaking into sunrise on the plates

and sunny side up on a Sunday
peace seems certain, never melt-away.
april will come and you will long to stay,

to wear moss green
to live unseen
where petals blow

under the wide white violet sashed skies,
another kind of snow

mary angela douglas 4 february 2016

by Mary Angela Douglas

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