When The Earth Is Without Shape.

Rumblings on a dark starless sea
In the dark mist
The lit eye of an hidden cove

Winds with countless arms
Obseiscanced at the taloned feet
Part in life and death

Diamond sparkles flee from an emerging root
Distinct strands from the ashes
As an unbending will split all assunder

And it rained
The sea swollen, broke
Brown with life.

When the wheel is travailed
Wisdom wrought perforations in the watery mass
Knowledge kneads desires of the knotty mass

Seeds of the sands,
From the pervading waves
Uneven fingers that vie

How many lie caught
In swirling nebular clouds
Leaves wailing in the winds

Phantom solitude
Of ripped branches
Of surfing roots

Let that pall recede
For the searing eye of the soul
For the rumbling spring breath

Builders of mountains
Within lighted fury
From the grain devine

Dust that crumble before dust

How will I raise my voice unto You
Jewel of the blind night
That I will stand here and make steel of my tongue
O eternal praises of your endless Faces

My heart like green fronds
Lie pliant to your tread

Ancient Cave of the winds
Of the fertile black sea
Of the immortal fires
Stony arms

That Knocked ashes off the dream
To you my fragile arms are raised
Soiled from the murk of the mire
Gory mire of the tender cleavage

When I closed the door
With thirsty hands
Your heart horned by my tears
Cleaved the wandering soul;

Weathered sculpture of raw veins,
And breath fumes from the ruins there of
Clay and brass of the mystery mess.

by iziegbe idemudia

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