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When The Fairytale Ends

Once upon a time there was love & laughter
A house that was home, mum, dad & daughter
But one day a wicked witch came from the east
Cast a spell on him & he turned into a beast

The business collapsed, the house was lost
Was she really worth it, at such a cost
He lost the only loves of his life
Two beautiful children & an adoring wife

He used to call sometimes to say
I was wondering how you doing today
And remember it was nothing you did do
You know that I will only ever love you

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Comments (3)

Sometimes decisions are made without regard to the feelings of those loved ones that will also be affected by the consequences. Very well written Tia. Thank you for sharing :)
It takes two Tia, a spell or not he should have been true.. Andy
Fairytale ends reality begins good ten Chris