I Miss You (Mother And Daughter)

I miss you not because your my daughter,
But a beautiful being too.
I miss you when I'm lonesome,
Not because I'm feeling blue.
I miss you when the sun lowers,
And the moon just starts to glow.
I miss you because you've grown so much,
And have broke out on your own.
Most of all I miss you,
Because I love you so,
I love how we've come together,
And how strong our love has grown.

(c) 2017 Wind Songs Spiritual Poetry

by Annalee Hopkins Somerville

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Lovely lovely! It’s as if I am right there! Very enjoyable! ! ! One to read to the kids!
Brilliant in pastoral perception and description, embodies the contentment of another time, when physical labour and hard work, blessed the skilled tireless hands which reaped the blessing of the bounty of land; well used and cared for, in a dependence and connection of understanding nature with gratitude and love. There was a special taste in eating home grown produce produced in full ripeness and a peace and harmony attained in the completion of work well done.
Dialect poems attempt to capture the uniqueness of American English: sometimes they do. See also Paul Laurence Dunbar. Somehow they appeal to us, even when we don't know why - though critics and scholars reject them, even satirize them. My favorite still is Langston Hughes Mother to Son. Just a hint of dialect, but just right.
A lovely tribute to Autumn preparation for spring
I like this guy's 'orspitality
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