When The Going Gets Tough

Poem By Gloraly Gomez

I'm climbing a mountain that no one can see
I'm climbing and climbing but can't see the peak

I'm reaching much higher than I usually do
I think I should slow down but I'm not going to

My body is tired and I need to rest
But my eagerness wants me to finish this quest

The sharp rocks that cut me will not make me stop
I will keep on trying until I reach the top

A storm forms around me and surrounds me with rain
I see my hands bleeding and start to feel pain

I slip and fall down to the crevasse below
My rope breaks, my will goes, and time becomes slow

I refuse to give up, I had made it so far
With the last of my strength, I reach for the stars

I pull myself up and adjust all my stuff
I look at the distance and say, 'When the going gets tough...'

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reaching for the stars, meaningful, thanks. please read mine..

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