FK (19/10/1958 / Accra-Ghana)

When The Lion Roared

l heard clearly the roar
because it was not far from where l stood
that was before l woke up from my sleep.

It carried a message that only the initiated
could understand and tell.

Then, came the cries of the children who
had been abandoned by those whom they
had thought loved them.

Again the lion roared to get his message across,
And again the children cried because no one
initiated by the elders could understand what
the lion had to say.

But the cries of the children was enough
to break the hearts of those of us
who had traveled far to pass this
side of the road that only the strong dared.

Then, an old hunter appeared to
interpret the roaring of the lion;
the greedy ones in the land had
not long to live because the children
have spoken with their cries.

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That contrast between the 'roar' and the 'cry' should make every one think. A cry is pure, true and simple- yet the roar seems to be of pride, greed and manipulation. There is so little substance of good in the roar but so much is said in the cries.