When The Looking To The Soil

Poem By Gencay

- Hey, Elvis, What are you doing there?

- Hey, Cara, I'm taking care of the flowers. Do you want to join me?

- Oh, sure.

- Come on, you can put that apron on. It's in the gloves.

-Geliyorummm. Okay, that's it. Does it suit you?

- Very.

- You never told me about this greenhouse. When I saw the door open, I followed the road and found myself in your backyard. I haven't seen before.

-I forgot to mention you.

- Okay, now tell me, what's this weird, cute, monkey-like thing?

Dracula Simia I mean, the monkey-faced Orchid. He has a real monkey face, doesn't he?

-Amazing... What a strange flowering plant... A person can't take their eyes off, really.

- I only planted orchids in this garden. Do you want to see the others?

-And not a moment before... You left the door open on purpose, didn't you? Before I ask about the Earth and the way I look at it and what I think when I look at it, to show me that you are as interested in the earth as you are in the sky?

- Yeah, Cara, you got me. It's a preliminary.

- You're one of the smartest people I know. You wanted me to know that I had to choose my words according to him, didn't you?

- I'm exercising my right not to comment.

- Fine. Well, then, introduce me to your orchids.

- My pleasure...

"My Cara, this orchid is called Phalaenopsis, the moth organid, this is Orchis italica, the naked man Orchid.In order for this part of counting, gesturing with my hands; Hooker lip Orchid, Orchid dancing girls, Wasp-Orchid swaddled babies Orchid, orchid flower parrot, the lion's-mouth Orchid, flying duck, Tiger, happy creature, Angel Orchid, dove, ballerina, Orchid, egret, and finally, Darth vader."

How did you find it?

- I feel like I'm in a museum. These plants are amazing. And interestingly, it's really all in the form of your name. Tiger, tiger, monkey, monkey, baby, baby, they're all really their names... I want to know the story of them all, to know them all...

- I promise him another day, I'll tell you a long time. But now let's pick up on yesterday's conversation where we left off, shall we?

- Don't forget your word, because I'll remind you. In discussions of knowledge among themselves, people determine what is justified or triumphed only when the discussion is over. But you beat me before the argument started.

-So I'm saying, we're not arguing, we're having a conversation. :)


- You know I'm obsessed with you.

- I know, of course, I'm hanging out with you.

- Can you explain how I beat you before you started, as you call it?

- The thing is, in my thoughts about the land, it wouldn't have happened without death. But today you made me question my opinion. When you saw the orchids you showed me, you showed me that the land was also birth, as if you knew in advance what I was going to say, you placed the orchid soldiers inside me, not secretly before the war, but by showing them, and blinding me, and won the war before it started. I knew that the land was death and birth, but it was here now that I first learned that there was such a birth.

- So tell me, why do you dive into the ground like that, what do you think?

-I'm afraid. I am not afraid to die, but to think that every living thing, human, animal, plant, every living thing that died years ago suffered by being crushed under my feet, and I am afraid to walk, step on the ground, thinking so. I'm more afraid when I see those orchids you showed me. I've seen them come out of the ground like human beings, like animals, abstract and concrete, like whatever's there, and now next to you, what if it's to die and live? If the dead mix with the Earth, hiding their immortal genes in their bones and flesh, come out of the Earth like these orchids, and come up from the Earth in the guise of us, as if they want to give us a message?

Nature has so many mysteries that we will never understand, that we will never solve... Whether a person is a nihilist or a theist, it doesn't matter. He can't answer the mysteries of nature in two segments. A Nihilist; he says there is nothing and takes a nap, he doesn't really know the answer and doesn't care for this reason. Theist says God created, thinking. At least the Nihilist is looking, he can't find it, he doesn't believe it. But the theist, what, looking, know what nor thinks. I'm talking about spirituality, not test tubes, not tests. Scientists don't worry about it, say this, that's what happened, tell me if you like it, says it happens if it happens and goes.

I want to understand nature not by tests, beliefs, or disbelief, but by thinking and feeling. In the earth, of course, it exists in death, in life, but what makes me wonder is that when I look at it, I feel that it exists in something other than that. Do you understand me, Elvis?

- I understand perfectly, Cara, I assure you. So, can you describe what things you feel exist?

-This Earth existed here before Earth's history, came to travel the universe as matter. This land has lived and seen the world here. Earth, as it is thought, is not something that can be explained by simple concepts. Births, Deaths, information, poems are not enough to tell it. The land has a soul, a heart. His body is already himself.Because I describe my abstract thoughts and feelings, not concrete information, they can be herpes, it can be impossible, it can be a dream, because they have a right to it.The sea came from the sky, mated with the Earth, there was the sun, the weather was beautiful. There was earth under the sea, the earth gave birth to the first living thing, that living sea grew between the father and the Mother Earth, proliferated, evolved, had many brothers, some came ashore, mutated, some stayed at sea. Yes, this is a question of evolution and a story of existence, scientifically and with my own interpretation. As I look at the earth, I see and think about the formation of all these things, the history of the Earth, the world, the universe. So I look at it for a long time and just stand there...

I wish there was a way I could fully express my feelings. I always feel unfinished, incomplete, not fully expressed, no matter how much I tell it...

-I understand what you mean in a way that you can never say, so make sure and relax, at least with me.

- I'm comfortable knowing that you understand me, just like you described, next to you...

- You're talking to me, you're deeper than I am... I think we're done diving, if you want to drink tea and eat chocolate cake, take my hand and get up, they're waiting for us in the kitchen. Because we were immersed in conversation, they were orphaned there waiting for us.

- You're a good person, Elvis, you're a real person. I really need that chocolate cake and hot tea right now...

- Will you make me the philosophy of chocolate cake one day?

-Kidding :)

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