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When The Mind Is Quiet
NT ( / Ireland)

When The Mind Is Quiet

When the mind is quiet
its a beautiful thing,

snowflakes in the winter
daffodils in the spring,

red leaves in the garden
where chimes gently ring,

when the mind is quiet
spaciousness sings.

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How rejuvenated one feels in silence and when one truly listens. When mindless chatter is switched off nature will whisper her secrets....she has much to tell us. Sometimes after a busy shift I drive home without listening to music just to simply enjoy silence and when home I'll take a moment to gaze at the stars listening to singing crickets and croaking frogs or the wind dancing in the valley. I love your 'spaciousness sings' in your poem it really does.
Hey, Norah! I just read this for the second time and liked it even better. I noticed this time around how the last stanza with its refrain about quiet follows the reference to chimes in the stanza before- which seems to me perfect. A little housekeeping thing- in the first stanza you have its instead of it's. Glen
This poem reminds me of Wallace Stevens's poem THE HOUSE WAS QUIET AND THE WORLD WAS CALM, which continues THE READER BECAME THE BOOK, AND SUMMER NIGHT WAS LIKE THE CONSCIOUS BEING OF THE BOOK. Your poem conveys a similar alchemy of Self and Mood and Poetry. The last two lines lifts this perception out of your immediate surroundings to the yet unknowing world which so needs its quiet.
When the mind is quiet a thought becomes poetry And words begin to flow filled with imagery A joy for me to read filling me with gaiety Your poem so sublime reflects your fluency
A favorite topic of mind the still heart. Thank you Robert
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