When The Music's Over

When the music's almost over
and it's time to face the reaper,
What will you say to God?
Were you your brother's keeper?

Were the fears you faced so great
that you always lived a lie,
or will you have regrets
when it comes your time to die?

Did you do some things you hated
and try to wear a smile,
because you built more character
by going the extra mile?

The muscle that hurts hardest
is the one that grows the most
Did you plunge in anyway
and never try to boast?

Cast your bread upon the water
I've heard many a preacher say
will blessings manifest themselves
upon the Judgement Day.

What will you say to God
in this your final hour?
Your hourglass is sifting
and you've lost your will and power.

Will you face the fur-lined grave,
knowing that you did your best?
How will the world remember you
when you go to your final rest?

by Diane Banks Merceron

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Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.