# When The North Wind Blows...

The mysterious inner spaces
Are whispering wilderness
Of magniloquent ‘Sahyadri’…
I Realize ‘moksha’
On its mounting peaks
In Sacrosanct serenity.

Within its ravines
The turbulent rapids of,
Sumptuously winding Cauvery…
Running like veins,
Restless… seeking transit,
Into supernal tranquility.

Pristine premises of
Kindled heart,
Anticipate a Nirvana sun…
I face northwards
And wait for it,
The messenger bird
From ‘Lumbini garden’…

I embed the
Seeds of salvation
And ‘manasa Bodhi’ grows…
Scents of love, blend
In southern sandal woods,
When the divine north wind blows…

Common emotions meet
In courteous embrace,
In existence of sojourn Maya….
Southern expanses remain
To be redeemed,
By the northern saint of Gaya…

by Seema Aarella

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Seema, a good thought provoking poem! -Raj Nandy